• Caring & Qualified ABUS Team

    Caring & Qualified ABUS Team

  • Accessible by Women of All Ages

    Accessible by Women of All Ages

  • Assess Your Breast Health Proactively with ABUS

    Assess Your Breast Health Proactively with ABUS

    Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) is the latest technological ultrasound advancement in breast cancer screening, a trademark of GE Healthcare.
  • Exceptional 3D Image Quality

    Exceptional 3D Image Quality

    ABUS accurately captures hundreds of images in only minutes from three scans of the entire breast, resulting in 3D-reconstructed images revealing volumetric detail of complex breast tissues and structures.
  • How Dense Are Your Breasts?

    How Dense Are Your Breasts?

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Located in Barrie, Ontario, Preview Breast Screening is pleased to offer individuals the opportunity to proactively assess their breast health and help them minimize their risks of developing breast cancer using the latest 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUSTM) screening technology.

Many women are choosing ABUS for earlier and accurate monitoring of gradual breast tissue changes as well as for gentle and radiation-free breast cancer screening as an adjunct to mammography for those with dense breast tissue.  Our intention is to bring earlier peace of mind to women, especially to those with dense breast tissue, by empowering them with valuable and timely information about their breast health for wiser decisionmaking and well before breast cancer concerns arise.

Preview Breast Screening is an affliiation of Radiologists, Sonographers and other licensed Healthcare Professionals providing breast density education and access to advanced 3D automated breast ultrasound screening services in Ontario without the requirement for a medical referral.


ABUSTM is a trademark of GE Healthcare